2021 Top Outdoor Features Buyers are Looking for

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What are Homebuyers Looking For in 2021? Here Are the Hottest Outdoor Features

Austin is on people’s minds when it comes to real estate in 2021. Trends point to people who can work from anywhere choosing to relocate to parts of the country with mild winters, and Austin tops the list. If you are looking to sell your home now, how can you best appeal to buyers? This year, one of the hot features that people are looking for is an updated outdoor space, and that goes way beyond a patio. There are certain features, especially in your backyard, that you can highlight that are more likely to get buyers interested in your home. The real estate experts at HomeLight polled more than 1,000 top agents across the country to find out some of the outdoor features that are on buyers’ minds in 2021. Here are some to consider as you prepare to put your home on the market. 

Make it cozy with a fire pit

While we still have a few months before spring and summer, buyers are thinking ahead to long warm nights in their new backyards. And nothing makes a backyard cozier than a firepit to sit around and roast marshmallows. That could be why more than 54 percent of agents surveyed across the United States pointed to a fire pit as a top outdoor upgrade to consider. One of the best aspects of this upgrade, is it doesn’t have to be permanent. You can get an above ground design that you can move around to different parts of your yard, or opt for something permanent if you have an ideal spot and want to make more of an investment. 

Bring your kitchen to the great outdoors

Grilling is a given in warmer months, and even all year, depending on who you ask, and that could be why more than 50 percent of agents polled in the South Central United States by HomeLight said that an outdoor kitchen should be at the top of your list to attract buyers. To really get ahead, think beyond a barbecue to include a sink, wetbar, and refrigerator, but don’t forget to consider the cost and how much space you have before going for a full upgrade — especially if you are thinking about moving soon. Home chefs will appreciate the extra attention you give to envisioning this space, even if you don’t go all out. 

Privacy hedge or fence

If you are transforming an outdoor area into an entertainment zone, then you can’t overlook adding privacy. It could be that your home already has a fence or hedge, but even if you do, think about how this fits into the overall design of your backyard and whether or not it needs to be updated. Nearly 50 percent of agents said this feature is something buyers are looking for, so be sure it’s doing the best work it can to showcase your home.

Sun shade

When the temperature rises, you want to be sure that your outdoor space has protection from the elements. A retractable sun shade might be worth considering if you have a very large space, or if your home has a dedicated outdoor dining area. 

Whatever you decide, adding features that extend your backyard’s season is definitely something to consider to appeal to curious outdoor-minded buyers.

Who doesn’t want to take advantage of a pleasant climate by spending some quality time in their backyard. Buyers are certainly looking for this feature, and if you add upgrades now, you can enjoy them yourself while you are preparing to sell. 

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